Welsh Government Magazine Photoshoot:

A Glimpse into Employee Engagement and Workspaces

Welsh Government magazine

For the first session with the Welsh Government, I was invited in 2022 by the Organisational Development and Engagement team based in Cardiff. The photographs were needed for a new Welsh Government magazine, and the photoshoot aimed to showcase employees' dedication in their workspaces and demonstrate how these prepared interiors could be utilized for meetings or conferences. 

The photos were taken at the Llandudno Junction office. Working with the employees of the Welsh government was an intriguing experience. All shots were meticulously arranged, yet individuals felt very at ease in their roles. This allowed the photos to maintain authenticity and naturalness while presenting an attractive company image, as initially intended.

A year later, I conducted another session for this client, reinforcing my belief that I am doing good work, as my clients choose to return to me.

Undoubtedly, this company is employee-friendly and it is clearly demonstrated through its professional employer brand. If the company offers attractive workplace amenities such as relaxation zones, modern offices, or innovative spatial solutions, it's beneficial to showcase them through photographs. We had done it in this project.