Behind the Lens:

Penderyn Distillery's Inauguration in Llandudno, North Wales

The Penderyn Whisky Distillery is the first distillery in Wales in over 100 years and is a global pioneer in whisky production.

My collaboration with Penderyn began on May 17, 2021, when I was invited by Media Manager Jon to capture photographs during the opening event of the distillery and store in Llandudno. My task was to professionally document not only the business event itself but also showcase the interiors of the store, bar, distillery, and the Masterclass room with its unique, massive table. It was essential to focus on perfectly reflecting the architecture of the building, which used to be a school, and take exterior shots as well as portrait and group photos of the management team and staff.

The importance of these shots was paramount, as they were intended for various brochures and printed advertisements. The interior was meticulously prepared and clean, a detail I often emphasised to clients before taking photographs. Penderyn preserved one room as a kind of gallery, allowing visitors to explore the history of the building. This exciting feature adds incredible character to the place.

The results of our work were outstanding. The photographs were featured in magazines, promotional brochures, and advertisements along the promenade. In the Victoria shopping center in Llandudno, a large print advertisement still hangs on the wall, impossible to ignore. The photographs possess incredible power, capturing attention and appealing to human senses much more strongly than any text. Companies like Penderyn have a well-developed marketing strategy and understand the importance of such ventures.

Two months later, I was invited for another session, and a year later, at the request of Marketing Manager Caroline, I undertook two major photographic projects for Penderyn Distillery – one focusing on products and the other on headshots. I also visited their main headquarters in southern Wales to photograph those interiors.