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Obsidian Networks' Cybersecurity Experts Showcased Through Professional Photography
Obsidian Networks is a company operating in the UK market since 2012, specialising in cybersecurity. The company provides comprehensive IT support, cloud services, and communication services in an all-inclusive technology model.

The company is headquartered in Chester, and recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a photo session there.

Photography plays a crucial role in corporate communication nowadays, so it was important to capture the authentic personalities among this team of technology enthusiasts. The goal of the session was to showcase the faces of the company, the management team, and the employees in a natural way. 

We emphasised naturalness and captured moments from various situations, where experienced experts in cybersecurity and the broader IT field collaborate as a cohesive team. To achieve this effect, we created a light, stress-free atmosphere. We didn't ask anyone for artificial posing but rather for a reflection of a real meeting. Smiles, focus, and a friendly atmosphere are visible in the photos, exactly what we aimed for. Everyone seamlessly embodied their daily roles, making the shots incredibly natural.

These types of photos possess incredible power. They are among the best tools for shaping the employer's image, working exceptionally on both clients and future business experts who would like to join this team. Employer branding sessions are becoming increasingly popular, with various creative ideas. In addition to work-related shots, we encourage experimenting with unconventional situations that stimulate imagination.

Obsidian Networks

The employer's image also includes portraits of owners and employees. Some prefer studio portraits, while others prefer showing themselves and their work in a natural environment. In the case of Obsidian Networks, we opted for portraits of specialists working with computers. The company owner, Peter, along with his collaborating spouse, showcased their collaboration in the office, allowing us to see their incredible synergy and complementarity in various business aspects. In an environment dominated by male engineers and technical specialists, female presence is highly valued. Even group photos exude uniqueness and great task confidence. Each person knows their value, knowledge, and experience, understanding the importance of their presence in the team.
Working with Obsidian Networks was a pleasure. Professionalism in every aspect. Thanks to adequate preparation, we could refine every detail, significantly impacting the results of our work.

If anyone is considering a personal brand and employer branding session, I would be happy to arrange a meeting to present proposals and ideas on how to utilise visual potential in promoting the company.