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"Pearls of Wisdom"

Portraits of people around 65 years old and over - Life lessons learned

PROTEST - Visual representation

Respect, love, equality, right, support, care, safety ...
I am a Polish photographer based in Llandudno, North Wales, specialising in interior photography and business portraits. I would like to present something different from my usual work: as a photographer, I feel compelled to illustrate the socio-political situation that took place in Poland. Photography is a visual language. Cameras can be an amazing tool to help convey an important message through photographs. Artists should be obligated to present the social and political situations happening around them or that directly concern them. This is the reason why this project exists. These photographs indirectly illustrate the situation in Poland concerning women’s rights and the disregard from the government of their welfare and health and safety. One of the prohibitions concerns abortion in the case of incurable defects of the fetus. It was proclaimed on the 22nd of October 2020, where the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the provision of the possibility of termination of pregnancy due to 'a high probability of a severe and irreversible fetal defect or incurable illness that threatens the fetus's life' [1] is inconsistent with the Constitution. This caused women to take to the streets and the commencement of strikes and marches. The anger of Polish women is justified. Many issues overlapped with the successive strikes, marches and protests. The announced judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of 22nd October 2020 was the final straw. Generally, people were already tired of the pandemic with all the harsh restrictions, fines imposed upon them and the attitude of the police and politicians. It was evident that the restrictions did not apply to everyone equally. Polish citizens were punished when some people from the political milieu did not obey these orders without any consequences. Society cannot stand this pressure and fears for the future. Many businesses did not survive the first lockdown in spring 2020. The government, from which real help would be expected, deals with issues that increase people's indignation and problems remain unsolved in the current difficult situation. In the summer of 2020, topics related to the denunciation of the Istanbul Convention (anti-violence convention) were raised. Consultations are still ongoing. The decision of the Constitutional Tribunal of October 22nd, 2020, affected the majority of women in the country. This was not because they support abortion, but because, in their opinion, they should be the one to make the decision in such a delicate, personal and extremely difficult matter. This verdict was surprising to everyone because there was no prior fair debate on this issue. The women felt attacked and protested all over Poland for a long time. During peaceful protests and walks, banners with various slogans could be seen. Some of them were: "Choice, not a ban", "Sentencing on women", "You will not win with women", "My body, my choice", "Poland is a woman", "I think, I feel, I decide," etc. Many professionals and youth groups joined the protests. Despite marches, strikes and various demonstrations, no politicians chose to meet with protesters. 
The symbol of the protest is a red lightning bolt (which has been used before), but this sign of a lightning bolt, arranged with the hands of a woman in a red outfit, was coined by the artist Sylwia Grzybek, who is a member of the FARSA collective.
The "Signal for Help" is a single-handed gesture for Abuse Victims that can be used by an individual to alert others that they feel threatened and need help. The signal is performed by holding a hand up with the thumb tucked into your palm, then folding your fingers down, symbolically trapping your thumb in your fingers. It was intentionally designed as a single continuous hand movement, rather than a sign held in one position, that could be made easily visible.

We Are All Equal, but also beautiful and unique!

The Unique & Candid Portrait Project Of Different People 2020
A portrait is not just a photograph, it is a person. When I look at someone, I see not only the individual person. All of us have our own story, some good and some bad experiences from the past. I know that each human is unique and special. Despite all these differences in appearance, character, culture, education, social status and experience, we are all equally valuable and important. We are all human. It does not matter what skin colour we have or how old we are; nor our origin, gender or sexuality. 
'We Are All Equal, but also beautiful and unique!'

We should treat everyone equally with dignity and respect. We also should embrace our differences on the outside and see each other as equal and valuable. 
See the beauty of each person

The Front Steps Project

TWO WEEKS 13.05.2020 - 30.05.2020
All the money from our collection under "The Front Steps Project" I donated the poor and homeless people in Llandudno through Fr Agbor from the "Our Lady, Star of the Sea" in Llandudno. This parish is active in helping the homeless by giving them food and drink.
Thank you to everyone for your openess and good heart.

I would like to make the people happy especially during the difficult time - Coronavirus Covid 19

Following "'Front Steps Project' Founders, Who Found Family 'Joy' in Pandemic Portraits, Aim for 'Revival'",
I decided to do it and something else. Through my photography and this project, I want to bring joy to people, but also I have a desire to help people who need it. At the moment I have a chance to combine this. I am going to give people my time and photographs of them at their house front door or garden, at a safe distance abiding by the all Covid 19 regulations. I created an event where instead of payment for photographs, my lovely clients gave a special donation for people struggling financially in our area. We should stay at home, but we should not close our hearts.