Beyond Empty Spaces:

Bringing Life to The Empire Hotel's Interiors with Models
I have been collaborating with The Empire Hotel, Osborne House in Llandudno, and their owner Elyse for several years. Many projects have involved interior photography and portraits of the management team and employees.

In this post, I will focus on one of the projects, namely showcasing the interiors and amenities of the hotel in collaboration with models. This type of photography is increasingly popular and has a tremendous impact on the imagination of potential customers. Through this kind of visual storytelling, emotions are evoked in people. They see how these interiors can be utilised, how well they can feel in the presence of the photographed individuals, and they feel the need to take advantage of the hotel's offer to spend an ideal time of relaxation and leisure.
At the beginning, we present an attractive woman at the reception, elegantly dressed in a red coat, who greets guests and collects the key. We try to create a whole story by showing the same woman in the hotel room, reading or sending a message from her phone. 

Every detail matters, and the viewer creates their own story, adapting it to themselves.
It could be a businesswoman who came to handle corporate matters, using the hotel's amenities and friendly atmosphere, or it could also be a woman who wants to break away from the routine and spend a pleasant time sitting on the couch and enjoying a delicious coffee.

We also showcase a loving couple, enjoying their time in the charming hotel. Shots were taken both in the restaurant, at the bar, and by the pool. We focused on making everything look natural and professional, presenting not only the photographed individuals but also the beautiful interiors of the hotel. The positive moods visible on the faces are wonderfully contagious, helping to redirect these emotions to potential customers.