Visual Storytelling in Business Photography:

Visual Storytelling in Business Photography:

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

The Art of Brand Photography and Advertising

Brand and Advertising PhotographyInspire and create stories through photographs showcasing your personal brand, business brand, products, services, or beautiful places.

When we think about reaching people and gaining new clients/customers for our business, we often feel stuck. It is worth focusing on creating photographs that will stimulate people's imagination, touch their hearts, and evoke emotions.

Photographs accurately portray reality as long as there are no dishonest manipulations. The value of visual language is immense because everyone worldwide can understand the message using their sense of sight. We often underestimate how quickly an image reaches our brain before it captures our interest and makes us stop longer for further analysis.

Utilising Visual Narration:Well-constructed photographs can tell a story even without words, bringing about amazing results and stimulating the imagination. Composition, appropriate color schemes, and the use of light create a remarkable atmosphere and evoke inner emotions.


Creating a story in a Toyota car showroom through several photographs.

Crafting a narrative in a hotel through several photographs depicting a hotel room.

Brand Personalisation:Companies are not just places and addresses, but above all, people - management and employees. Personalising photographs can significantly help in building a brand and relationships with clients. Customers like to build relationships with the people they collaborate with. An example could be the use of photos of employees, the production process, or the company's founding story, which is increasingly being used on company websites, in offices, and in larger corporations.

Utilising Contrast and Surprise:It is worth paying attention to the contrast between different elements in photographs, which can attract attention and build curiosity. Surprising shots can be particularly effective in advertising because they leave a lasting impression. 
In photography, it's important to show depth and quality of shots, emphasising the uniqueness of products or places. Some interiors surprise with their design, others with their unique style or colors. When it comes to products, it's worth showing their use, not just presenting them in a still life format.

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