Unveiling Excellence:

Unveiling Excellence:

Tuesday, 9 January 2024

The Impact of Professional Interior / Exterior Photography on Hospitality and Luxury Brands

Professional interior photography holds significant value, especially for businesses in the hotel, restaurant, and luxury industries. Here are several reasons why investing in high-quality interior photography is worthwhile:

• First Impressions: Potential clients often decide to use a hotel, restaurant, or other business based on the images they see online. High-quality interior photographs can create a positive first impression, enhancing the attractiveness of the offer.

• Aesthetics and Professionalism: High-quality photos signify a company's professionalism, particularly in luxury-related industries where details and aesthetics are crucial. Professional photography can highlight the details and unique features of a place, attracting clients seeking extraordinary experiences.

Many hotels invest in professionalism. The 'Castle Collection' has been collaborating with BMS Art Photography for two years. One of their hotels that recently underwent significant changes is 'The Beaches Hotel in Prestatyn.' Achieving a transition from three to four stars is a considerable accomplishment. Thanks to the professional photography utilised by the company, the hotel's image is at a high level. Numerous articles in travel journals showcase room photos, beautiful views, delicious food, and cocktails.

Similarly, other Castle Collection hotels like The Scotland Spa Hotel in Scotland and The Ballina Manor Hotel in Ireland with a beautiful view of the river have benefited from professional photography.

When owners decide to revamp their websites, it often involves presenting their establishments in the best light. This is where a professional photographer comes in handy. A case in point is 'Snooze Wine Bar' in Llandudno. In addition to the beautiful interior of the restaurant and bar, there are also luxurious rooms. Perfectly presented, these wonderful interiors catch the attention of potential clients.

• Added Value: Displaying not only every detail of the interiors but also beautiful views from the windows, especially if the property is in an attractive location, can increase the appeal. Stunning views can be a key element in attracting guests. Hotels and restaurants situated by the sea, river, or in the mountains increasingly demand interior photos along with visible landscapes from the windows. Techniques evolve, and so do the standards in professional photography. It's crucial to keep up with changes that are vital for businesses where location can play a significant role.

• Standing Out: Competition in the hotel, restaurant, and luxury industries is usually fierce. High-quality photos can help distinguish a business from competitors, grabbing the attention of clients. If a beautiful hotel doesn't showcase its attractiveness in photos, it might struggle to attract attention. It's essential for potential clients to make informed choices.

• Online Marketing: In the age of the internet and social media, professional photos are crucial for effective online marketing. High-quality photos can be used on websites, in advertising campaigns, articles, magazines, and on social media platforms, attracting the attention of potential clients.

• Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them: A common and fundamental mistake in non-professional photography is tilting the camera up or down, resulting in photos with uneven horizons. Non-professional photographers also struggle with lighting, resulting in areas that are less visible or overly shaded, or, on the contrary, overexposed. Using not wide enough lens, poor framing or composition is also a frequent issue, and often these photos lack adequate retouching or any finishing touches.

Professional photography can address these aspects, contributing to better presentations of a place.

• Your Experiences: Have you ever decided against choosing a hotel solely due to unattractive, uninteresting, or dark photos on the website? What importance do photos hold for you during the selection process? What do you pay special attention to, and does quality matter to you?

• Success in Photography: The impact of photography on the success of other businesses is enormous. Professional photography significantly contributes to increasing clients or improving a company's image.

• Value of Customer Relationships: Professional photography can aid in building trust and customer satisfaction, contributing to their loyalty.

• Customer Recommendations and Opinions: Many satisfied customers willingly share their experiences regarding professional photographers and their work. If someone is in the process of searching for a professional interior and architecture photographer, they check reviews. This is important as reviews significantly strengthen the credibility of the service provider.

• Latest Trends in Interior Photography: One of the latest trends in interior photography is the use of natural light. Following this trend, our company does not use flash lamps for interior photography. This approach results in a more natural effect, with colours and shadows from illuminated lamps adding a unique atmosphere to the interior.

Artistry is also coming into interiors / exteriors. Interior photography is not just a simple documenting photograph; it's often a work of art. Photographers increasingly use various techniques to achieve interesting and original effects. Working on stronger lighting, adjusting window aperture, and other elements ensure that the photo is well-balanced and captivating.

Another trend is both minimalism and arrangements by adding decorative elements to make the interior more attractive and elegant. The emphasis is on naturalness, simplicity, and an honest portrayal of the place, but it's essential for the photo to fulfill its purpose and generate interest. Examples of this type of arrangement can be seen in photos of rooms with champagne, afternoon tea, or breakfast.

Modern interior photography also showcases the interior through its use. Photos with models are becoming more popular. Everything is connected to the emotions evoked in viewers, as they can identify with people in the photos.

Everything is changing, including fashion and trends in photography. Some important principles in interior photography remain unchanged, and it's essential to adhere to them. However, there are many elements that are worth implementing to stay current and go with the times. Learning is a lifelong process, and we aim to assist our clients and provide them with the best so that, thanks to us and our photography, they can achieve success.

Professional photography is an investment that pays off. It cannot only contribute to building a positive company image but also help stand out from the competition, get ahead, attract new clients, and increase profits.

I am curious about your opinions. What are your experiences with interior photography? Are you a consumer for whom quality matters, or do you not pay attention to professional photography? If you are a hotel, restaurant, or corporation owner, what importance does professional photography hold for you?

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