Discover the Tranquil Elegance of Escape Boutique B&B

Discover the Tranquil Elegance of Escape Boutique B&B

Saturday, 16 March 2024

Photographic Journey through Luxury and Comfort

Escape is a five-star Boutique B&B located half a mile from the coast in Llandudno. I had provided photography services for this hotel a few years ago and now revisited it once again. The owners pay attention to the smallest details. Each room is unique, with exquisite wallpapers adorning the rooms, seamlessly blending into the whole and adding a unique atmosphere and style to each bedroom. The public guest rooms at Escape feature original Victorian floors, stained glass windows, and handcrafted fireplaces.

This time, I photographed the rooms that underwent changes so that the guesthouse visitors could see the current colour scheme, design, and interior décor as they are. Bedroom number 9 underwent a complete transformation. The General Manager, Grace, and the Proprietor, Sam wanted to showcase through photography the composition, tasteful colour palette, and details that complement the interior. This spacious room has undergone an incredible change. Upon opening the doors to these interiors, we feel a positive atmosphere. The light, pastel colours do an amazing job here, carefully composed so that every part of this two-story room forms a whole.

Even the lampshades in the bathroom have the same fabric covering and pattern as the lamp on the coffee table upstairs.

My task was not only to capture the interior but also to capture the harmony of the composition. I think we did this fantastically. The colours, patterns, and positivity of this interior were reflected.

Room number 3 always captivates me. It is a bedroom with a large bay window overlooking the courtyard and additionally features a beautiful bathtub placed within the room. I'll probably never tire of photographing this room.

We took pictures of the entire room, but we focused on the new, comfortable chairs, which I showed in shots integrated with the champagne table against the backdrop of the window.

I couldn't resist taking shots of the brown-gold bathtub, prominently placed on the side of the room against the wall with a mirror on an elegant gold-brown wallpaper, where the brown tiles shimmer with reflections of the standing lamp nearby.

In the restaurant, we captured minor changes. New, velvety and comfortable orange chairs added a touch of optimism and a spring mood to the interior. The gloomy and rainy weather on the day of the shoot didn't adversely affect the shots. We always strive to achieve the effects our clients expect, and even more.

I'm glad that more and more people realise how important professional photography is in various businesses, so that customers take these businesses seriously and want to cooperate with them or become their clients.

Many hotel owners, interior designers, or hotel managers, restaurateurs, guesthouse owners, or other business managers approach the presentation of their businesses through photography professionally and hire specialists in this field. This is an investment that always brings a positive response and pays off.

I would like to thank the management of the beautiful 'Escape Boutique B&B' for the wonderful cooperation and professionalism.

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