Barbara Marta Smok

After more than twenty years of office work and being an amateur and families photographer, I decided to pursue my life passion and become a professional photographer. 

 My company, BMS Art, is a new business venture, but my fresh ideas and enthusiasm together with experience and professional education of Art and Design Photography and later Creative Arts FdA Photography have allowed me to realise my dream and do it as best as possible. 

phone number.    +44 7448577383

Welcome to my website

"Make visible what, without you might perhaps never have been seen."

- Robert Bresson


Established in Llandudno UK in 2018. The company helps businesses and brands bring their products and services to life through creative, professional photography. It also offers a high level of customer service to ensure that clients feel valued and eager to work with us again.
I specialise in portraits, so I am happy to do Art Wedding Photography and Personal or Private Portraitures.
I love people and I love their positive reactions when they look at themselves in photographs.

I enjoy experiencing all emotions with them during the process of our work together.
I always focus on quality, not quantity.

What are my Business values?

Values are the foundation of my work. The way I treat my work and respect my clients is of great importance.

  • Professional Values - Care for quality and client satisfaction, Trust, Honesty, Knowledge, experience and professionalism.
  • Combative Values - Innovation, Ambition, Creativity and Enthusiasm.
  • Behavioural Values - Work with passion, Commitment and joy of work, Openness.
  • Relational Values - Respect, Responsibility, Courtesy, Truth, Availability and Act with integrity.
  • Fulfilling Values - Talent, Sensitivity, Goodness.
  • Moral Values - Loyalty to the rules, Responsibility, Justice. Respect for the environment and people. Help for the weak and needy. 
  •  Succeed together! 

My Company's Vision And Mission


My vision is to be a leading professional photographer who helps businesses and their owners promote not only themselves, but also their company brand, products and services. My dream is that my photographs can have a significant and positive impact on my clients’ businesses. I would like to make people happy both through the exceptional effects of my work and the atmosphere during the session. It would be wonderful if also my portraits could express their positions and also would be able to show the human face of the business and uncover their personality, character and depth.


The needs of the client are of the utmost importance. My job is to inform my clients what she/he can do to improve their image and their business’s image and take the next step to world success. Apart from photographing, my role is to find my client's needs and express them in the best and most professional way through photography. The heart and passion put into the photographer's work allow for incredible results. The combination of the above with the skills and practice acquired so far will allow my clients to receive a package exceeding their expectations. Also, in the future they will see how our joint work contributed to their company's development and success.




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